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Man moving out after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Moving Out After the Break-Up

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An estimated 18 million people live with their significant other in the United States. And while we all hope that those couples are happy and healthy in their homes, the truth is that a lot of them will break up before their first lease together is even over. read more

A well-decorated, modern master bedroom.

Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom

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A master bedroom shouldn’t be just the largest bedroom in the apartment — it should be a veritable Shangri-la focused on you and your partner’s most intimate wants and needs. A special place you daydream about when you’re stuck in traffic, arguing with your mother-in-law, or having a root canal. Practicality may come first when […] read more

Romantic Decor

5 Romantic Décor Ideas for Couples

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Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting and heartwarming experience. Often initiated by a major life change such as a marriage or the birth of a child, cohabitation signifies the beginning of a cycle — much like the planting of seeds does when growing a garden. But with all that being said, […] read more

Significant Other Moving In? Learning to Adjust

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Is your significant other moving in? Learning to adjust may be one of the hardest things you think will be easy. When you have your own place and are spending more time with your loved one than you are on your own, the idea of moving in together and getting married may seem exciting. However, […] read more

5 Benefits of Strong Neighbor Relationships

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Lots of new homeowners and others are finding out that there’s a lot of value in what a good relationship with a neighbor can do. More and more of us are taking time to get to know those who live near us, developing a community spirit that can enrich those who participate in it on […] read more

5 Tips for Building a Good Relationship with Your Landlord

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Having a good relationship with your landlord can truly make for an excellent living situation. Whether you currently have a bad relationship with your landlord, or are moving into a new apartment, there are several things you can do to create a respectful working relationship. 1. Be Respectful Although you are paying to live in […] read more

5 Things to Consider Before Moving in with Your Significant Other

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So you’re thinking about moving in with your significant other. Aside from the physical work of moving, you must also determine what will make the best living situation for both partners. There are 5 things to consider before moving in with your significant other. 1. What Each Household Will Contribute, Including Costs Before moving in […] read more

How to Prepare a Romantic Apartment Dinner for Your Loved One

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A romantic apartment dinner can be the perfect surprise for your significant other when he arrives home from work or from an active day. Even with the sometimes limited kitchen and dining areas within apartments, it’s possible to create the ambiance for a night of fine dining on home cooking and a night of romance. […] read more

3 Strategies for Building a Good Relationship with Your Landlord

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Never underestimate the positive consequences that result from building a good relationship with your landlord. Whether you like them or not, they own your shelter, the apartment where you lay your head at night. There might be numerous other options for renting, but your current landlord can make the difference in you being offered a […] read more