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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Renting With A Roommate

Renting an apartment can be a daunting task, especially when you're moving alone. Fortunately, roommates are there to help! Renting with a roommate can save you money, help build new connections, and provide a better renting experience. read more

A young man hangs out with his roommate - and his new significant other.

How to Handle Your Roommate’s Significant Other

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"After college, I got an apartment with an old friend from high school," says Brooke, a 25-year-old media relations assistant living in Washington, D.C. "We were both single and loved going out. It seemed like the perfect living situation until my roommate started dating a guy from her grad program. All of the sudden, I had a third roommate. He hung around the apartment while she was in class, eating my food and hogging the bathroom. I didn't even like the guy." read more

Roommates Wanted: How to Write an Attractive Ad

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When writing a roommates wanted ad (sometimes spelled “roomates wanted”), you want to make the proposal as enticing as possible, while still being truthful, but you also want to attract only responsible people with whom you’ll get along. You have to accomplish all of this while being concise as well. Here are a few tips […] read more

Do Online Roommate Matching Services Work?

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Roommate matching services are much like dating services in that you hope to find the perfect match based on personality and other traits. Many services require you to create a profile, and some allow you to post an ad, while others find prospects for you. Whether a roommate matching service works or not depends on […] read more

How to Conduct a Roommate Interview

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Selecting a roommate is neither an easy task nor one to be taken lightly, and that’s why conducting a roommate interview is such an important part of the selection process. Think about it: your roommate most likely will directly affect your happiness, stress level and sanity for up to a year (depending on the lease […] read more

How to Find a Reliable Roommate

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It seems that everyone has a bad experience with a living partner, so let’s look at how we can find a roommate that won’t trash our credit and leave us stuck with a pile of bills. In a tough economy, people find it more and more difficult to make ends meet, and having a roommate […] read more

How to Find New Roommates

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Many times it is necessary to find new roommates. This can arise from many situations, whether your roommate does not want to renew, there is a personal conflict between current roommates, or you just moved to a new city. There are a few ways you can go about looking for new roommates: Use Valuable Sources […] read more

Looking for a Roommate? Creating an Attractive Ad

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Looking for a roommate can be a difficult task. After you’ve asked around to see if anyone you know needs a roommate-or has an acquaintance who does-your next best bet is to post an ad on Craigslist. Posting an ineffective ad is a waste of your time. Here’s how you can create an attractive ad […] read more

A Guide to Using Apartment Rental Agencies

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If you’re new to the area, and want to make the most informed decision about where you should move, apartment rental agencies are almost always worthwhile. You pay a fee for the service, but a local agency will provide you with a summary of virtually every community in the area. Usually, in a very easy to read […] read more