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Man prepares to spark up a marijuana cigarette/joint in the comfort of his home.

Good Vibes In and Out: 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell

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With marijuana and CBD products becoming legal in many states now, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of cannabis at home. read more

Pet Stain

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors Left Behind by Previous Tenants

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Found the perfect apartment but undecided because of pet odors left behind by previous tenants? Fortunately for you (and the landlord), there are plenty of ways to get rid of pet odors so you don’t have to continue searching for your dream home. read more

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Making Your Apartment Smell Great

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Does this sound familiar? It's been a long day at work, you want nothing more than to come back to your apartment and relax. You walk up the stairs and unlock the door. Before you even have the chance to turn on the lights, your nose tells you what you don't want to know: your apartment stinks! Sure, once you've settled on the couch and turned on the TV, the bad smell seems to have faded. Don't be fooled--your apartment smells as bad as ever. Your olfactory system has just acclimated itself to the funk. Planning on having friends or a significant other over anytime soon? You've got to get rid of that smell first. read more

5 Cigarette Odor Removal Tips

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Cigarette odor removal can be tough. But, smoke smells, and no one wants to have a stinky apartment, stinky car or stinky clothes. So, here are some tips to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell. 1. Cigarette Odor Removal from Your Clothes If you are a non-smoker, or even a smoker that doesn’t smoke […] read more

Apartment Decorating: Scents that Set a Mood

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Have you considered apartment decorating with scents? Besides a good-looking apartment, a nice smelling one is important too. Scents play a large role in establishing the mood of your apartment and can also be used to help eliminate stress, freshen up and bring back a feeling of nostalgia. Whatever mood you’re trying to convey, there’s […] read more


How to Get Rid of the Cat Urine Smell in Your Apartment

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If you need to get rid of the cat urine smell in your apartment, there are a number of steps you need to take to address the problem. Eliminate odors and stop your cat from continuing to mark the apartment with this simple guide. Checklist for Eliminating Odors First and foremost, you need to make […] read more

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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your bedroom to feel like a romantic hideaway is easier than you think. Your goal is to find a design that makes you feel both sensual and calm. Focus on de-cluttering and creating a cozy, flattering and soothing oasis. Simplify First of all, the bedroom needs to be a place of serenity. Get rid of […] read more