Getting Your Apartment Ready for Valentine’s Day

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An apartment interior decked out in Valentine's Day decor.

Whether you’ve been in love for a long time or were just recently smitten by someone, Valentine’s Day is your big opportunity to make an impression without people calling you crazy. Anything goes, from silly to nice to naughty, and a combination of those things leaves lots of room for both both physical and emotional intimacy.

If you’re planning on hosting your Valentine this year, you’ll want to take the time to make sure everything in your apartment is perfect. Here’s how:

Set the Mood

Better yet, set a few. The dining room can be set up for romanitc dining, the living room for dancing and games, and the bedroom for whatever you both enjoy. Bring out the best china or opt for paper plates, whatever makes you comfortable. A game of strip poker is always fun, too, and just remembering your best times together in casual conversation can create an atmosphere that’s ripe for romance.

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Valentine’s meals don’t need to be fancy…but they should be sexy. Food eaten with your hands like ribs and tacos can be super sensual, as can textural treats like raw oysters and crème brulee. Go easy on the liquor with mimosas or a few locally brewed beers so you don’t fade too fast to enjoy all the fun. You may also want to keep the carbs low and the proteins high to help your stamina for what’s to come. And don’t forget the passionate powers of chocolate!


Sure, hearts are a little corny — but when you really overdo them, they can be campy fun. Heart soap, pot holders, balloons, cakes, candy, pillows, streamers, underwear, socks, coasters, you name it. Just go to the local 99-cent store and buy one of everything in the Valentine’s aisle.

Music is Magic

Make a playlist of both of your favorite songs, with just a couple mushy ones thrown in for good measure. Simply remembering your partner’s favorite song from years before you met is a guaranteed aphrodisiac. Be sure to include a few romantic tunes that inspire slow dancing to create an atmosphere of closeness and a remembrance of your first meeting.

Pamper Power

Nothing enhances a romantic atmosphere more than relaxation. Bring out those creams and essential oils and massage each other. Whether the touching is hands, feet, or full body, there’s no denying that eroticism flows through physical touch. A soft background melody greatly enhances the experience — as do occasional interludes to slowly consume chocolate-covered strawberries.

Low Lights

Few things are more romantic than dinner and wine in a low-lit atmosphere.

Bright lights are great for reading and doing chores, but you may want to opt for low lights on this special day. Aromatic candles are a must, but fake pillar candles with tiny electric flames can also work to create a lovely, soothing atmosphere all throughout the apartment. Cover glaring lamps with silk scarves (carefully placed so they don’t touch the bulbs) and turn off all the overhead lights, and you’ll be ready for romance and cozy conversation.

Picture This

Pictures on phones are fine for most occasions, but a print is so in-the-moment and inherently more romantic. Playful poses, pictures with family and friends, selfies – they all seem so sweet when you’re both holding the photo at once. An added bonus is that they stir memories of some of the greatest moments you’ve shared and increase the desire to create more.

Play With Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, this is the day to stoke it up or turn it on, whatever the case may be. It goes without saying that fire is romantic, no matter what the outside temperature is. In fact, if the weather’s warm, you can invest in a small fire pit for your deck or balcony and spend some quiet time just gazing at the flames and letting your minds unwind. A great conversation and cuddle session is sure to follow.


The most tender moments with a partner are typically spent alone. That doesn’t just mean no roommates or dinner guests. You should also turn off all electronic devices from cell phones to tablets and laptops. If you have a landline, mute the ringer. Don’t answer the door. One-on-one time is important and becomes harder to find with each passing day, so grab it while you can.

Sweet Scents

Choose your scented candles or incense carefully. Certain aromas are proven to inspire everything from competitive spirits (which you probably don’t want in this instance — but to each his/her own) to sentimental thoughts and unbridled passion. You should also be sure to pick scents that don’t compete with each other and make the apartment smell like a hot dance floor at closing time.

No matter how you decide to get your place ready for the best Valentine’s Day ever, just remember to keep it as stress-free as possible. A comfortable atmosphere is the key: one where you and your partner can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t try to incorporate all the ideas listed here either, or you’ll probably end up ruining the vibe. If you want this person to be your Valentine next year and for many years to come, don’t overwhelm them with glitz and glamor. Just be yourself and make them feel as precious as you hope you are to them.

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