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Electric cars fill up on juice at a traditional EV charging station.

3 Tips for Charging Your Electric Car at Your Apartment

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With people trying to be more eco-friendly and cut down their carbon emissions, it’s no surprise that electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a hot option for car buyers across America. read more

Washing machine with throw pillows on top and rattan laundry hampers to the right.

On-Site Laundry Room Rules Everyone Should Follow

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Apartment amenities like swimming pools and rooftop decks are great, but when it comes to practical on-site perks, it’s hard to beat having a laundry room in your building. read more

Happy couple relaxes on the couch in their eco-friendly home.

How to Find an Eco-Friendly Apartment

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Over the past year, trends in apartment living have been reflecting renters’ needs in response to the pandemic. read more

Black wi-fi router inside a modern apartment unit.

Managed Wi-Fi is the Latest In-Demand Amenity for Renters – But What is It?

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Most apartment dwellers are used to having certain things included in their lease. read more

Sleek luxury apartment unit decked out in contemporary furnishings.

What Makes a Luxury Apartment?

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A luxury apartment refers to a high-end living space that includes everything you need, and then some. read more

close-up view of a luxury apartment pool.

Outdoor Amenities are Trending. Here are the Best Ones to Look for:

Finding the right apartment takes planning, research, and even a bit of luck. But the first step in beginning an apartment search is knowing what you want — and where to look for it. What better place to start looking than contemporary apartment trends? You can use these as a springboard to help figure out […] read more

Young woman relaxes in the swimming pool outside her vacation rental.

13 Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Vacation Rental

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With websites like AirBNB boasting that you can find adventures and access unique homes, experiences, and places around the world, it’s no wonder that more people are choosing vacation rentals over hotels. read more

Relaxing at Home

Creating a Relaxing Home Atmosphere

Home is our place of refuge. It’s a place where we can kick our feet up and forget all the troubles of the day. Whatever you like to do at home — whether it’s reading a book, catching up on your favorite shows, or just taking a bit of a snooze before dinner — it’s […] read more

Smiling landlord presents tenants with key to their new apartment.

Dear Landlords: How to Help Prospective Tenants Rent Through Virtual Apartment Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges, physically, mentally, and socially. Some of its consequences are minor inconveniences, while others pose obstacles never previously imagined. read more