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Ask These Questions Before Signing Your Lease to Save Money and the Environment

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When shopping for your dream apartment, creating a budget is a critical step. Usually, all of us know exactly how much we are able to pay in rent each month, so we look for a place that fits nicely within that price range. After moving in, however, we realize that rent is far from the […] read more

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption when Cleaning

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One way to reduce electricity consumption in your apartment to save money and lessen your negative impact on the environment is to make a point of cleaning in ways that will consume less energy than popular methods. It doesn’t take much to cut back on your electricity consumption when you clean in the following ways: […] read more

How to Save on Electricity: Hang Drying Laundry

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Learning how to save on electricity costs in your apartment can help you better manage your budget and decrease your negative impact on the environment. You won’t even have to give up on all of your comforts if you just trim unnecessary usage, such as using a dryer to dry your clothes. Why Choose the […] read more

How to Lower Energy Costs When Cooking

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Lower energy costs not only mean more money in your wallet but also a healthier environment. It is quite simple to reduce the amount of energy you use when cooking. Below are some tips to include in your cooking routine to make your energy use while doing so more efficient. Plan Ahead Planning your meals […] read more

Energy Saving Tips for Technogeeks

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Technogeeks may need energy saving tips more than most people because they use electronics constantly. Without having to cut back on the use of your favorite gadgets, you can find other ways to save energy in order to lower your utility bill and/or reduce your negative impact on the environment. Look for the ENERGY STAR […] read more