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Electric cars fill up on juice at a traditional EV charging station.

3 Tips for Charging Your Electric Car at Your Apartment

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With people trying to be more eco-friendly and cut down their carbon emissions, it’s no surprise that electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a hot option for car buyers across America. read more

Young woman replaces a lighting fixture hanging from her ceiling.

9 Easy Steps to Replace a Light Fixture

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Replacing a light fixture can be a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up an apartment — or maybe the fixture that’s currently in there is just in dire need of an update. Either way, why hire an electrician to change it when you can give it a go yourself? read more

A man inspecting his new home after renting a flipped property.

Things to Look Out for When Renting a Flipped Property

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If you’ve recently turned on HGTV or opened up a home and garden magazine, you know that everyone is flipping for flipped homes. read more

Gas vs. Electric: Which Apartment Appliance Is Cheaper to Use?

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When searching for apartments, you may question whether gas or electric appliances are cheaper. New houses are being constructed with gas appliances more and more, making it seem as if the answer to the question is definitive: Gas. It’s not that simple though. Gas in one region may cost twice as much as gas in another […] read more

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Energy-Saving Devices that Can Save You Cash

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Energy saving devices cost money, but they save you money in the long run. They are worth the investment, even if it means making sacrifices to have the money to buy them.  Your utility payments is probably the third highest spending category, after rent and groceries. Unless your landlord includes it in your rent payment, […] read more