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Need Some Extra Cash? Here are 9 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Even if you have a decent full-time job, there’s bound to be something shiny that catches your eye that you could have if you just had a little more cash flow — and one of the best things about modern technology is how easy it’s making it to earn that extra money without ever leaving […] read more

A modern bathroom with a built-in hot tub - one of the hottest apartment amenities of 2020.

11 Amenities Renters Want in 2020

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As the housing crisis continues to squeeze money and joy out of people, renters are demanding more bang for their buck. No longer will a carport and an on-site laundry room close apartment and house rental deals. read more

Aerial view of Downtown Los Angeles

Typical Utility Costs in Los Angeles

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Pristine beaches as far as the eye can see, more blue skies and sunshine than you can imagine, breathtaking vistas, and top-shelf international cuisine at your fingertips — it’s no wonder Los Angeles captures the hearts and souls of so many. read more

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How to Get the Best Wi-Fi For Your Apartment

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Nowadays, most of us need a dependable Wi-Fi network on a daily basis. We not only use the internet for work, but it powers our entertainment like Netflix, online gaming, and social media. So when your signal keeps dropping out, or you have a wireless Wi-Fi dead zone in your apartment, it’s easy to feel […] read more

4 Ways to Find a Roommate

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Finding a roommate shouldn’t be a difficult task if you plan ahead of time. If it’s the first time you’re looking for a roommate you need to keep a few things in mind so that you can share your apartment with the right person. Determine the Type of Roommate You Want Before you actually start […] read more

How to Set Up a Wireless Network with Your Roommates

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If you are tired of having cables running all over your apartment, consider setting up a wireless network. These days, this is quite easy because wireless networks are so prominent. Many Internet service providers give you a modem that is also a wireless router.  Try calling them and asking to trade in your older modem. Alternately, you […] read more

How Can I Tell if My Neighbor Is Stealing My Wi-Fi Connection?

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Having a neighbor stealing wi fi from you is never a good thing, and you might think that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Happily, you’re wrong about that. How Can I Know? The first thing to know is that when a computer is using a wireless Internet connection, each computer has an […] read more

Is Stealing Wi-Fi from My Neighbor a Good Idea?

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Stealing wifi, or wireless Internet, from your neighbors is a terrible idea on many different levels. First and foremost, it’s dishonest. You’re pilfering a service from someone who is legally paying for it, no different than pirating television cable or stealing someone’s newspaper. Just because they don’t have their network encrypted doesn’t mean they’ve issued […] read more


6 Money Saving Strategies: Internet

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Living in an apartment, you want to be saving money so that you can meet your rent payment and other monthly bills. When it comes to deciding between something like groceries and Internet access, you’ll probably admit that the Internet access is something that can go. At the same time, you probably use the Internet […] read more