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Washing machine with throw pillows on top and rattan laundry hampers to the right.

On-Site Laundry Room Rules Everyone Should Follow

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Apartment amenities like swimming pools and rooftop decks are great, but when it comes to practical on-site perks, it’s hard to beat having a laundry room in your building. read more

On-Site Laundry Facilities

Perks of Having On-Site Laundry Facilities

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Anyone who’s ever lived without the convenience of their own washing machine and dryer understands the toils and torments of having to rely on public laundromats. There are few things more inconvenient (or more tedious) than having to lug 50+ pounds of clothes across town, and then having to sit under flickering fluorescent lightbulbs for […] read more

Ideas for a Tiny Laundry Area

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There is nothing like a stylish, neat and spacious laundry room to make an apartment look AND feel “pulled together”. Too often, especially in a tiny apartment, this spot becomes a dumping ground of sorts. It’s where stuff that you can’t figure out what to do with goes. This makes it an inefficient as well […] read more

Apartment Laundry: 4 Things to Take Caution of When Washing

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Having access to an apartment laundry room in your apartment complex can save you trips to the laundromat and free up space in your apartment that would otherwise be taken up with an in-unit washing machine. However, there are a number of things you should consider when doing your laundry in the complex’s laundry room. […] read more

Shared Apartment Laundry: What to Do with a Messy Roommate

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Sharing an apartment laundry room can lead to the same problems you face with any shared space. One of the most common problems is the messy roommate. Whether it’s piles of dirty laundry, spilled detergent or collected junk and garbage, your roommate’s mess all too frequently becomes your problem. Don’t just deal with it: here’s […] read more

Apartment Laundry: Is In-Unit Laundry Worth the Trouble?

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When looking for an apartment, considering whether or not an in-unit apartment laundry is worth the trouble is an important decision. Compare the advantages to disadvantages of having an in-unit laundry before you decide. Additional Cost: Raises Rent With little exception, an in-unit apartment laundry drives up the cost of monthly rent for an apartment. […] read more