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Funny cute guinea pig hiding in a knitted woolen scarf

Great Pets for Renters That Aren’t Dogs or Cats

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Maybe you dream of breeding Saint Bernards or running your own reindeer farm – but while you’re living in an apartment, those aspirations had best stay on hold. read more

Sleek luxury apartment unit decked out in contemporary furnishings.

What Makes a Luxury Apartment?

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A luxury apartment refers to a high-end living space that includes everything you need, and then some. read more

Young woman spends some quality time in her apartment with her new dog.

The Best and Worst Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

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Getting a dog has the potential to make any house feel like a warm, loving home. Unfortunately, having a dog in an apartment can also be demanding, especially if it’s located in a busy part of town. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that any dog you do decide to get as a renter […] read more

Happy Apartment Dog

Our Top Tips for Keeping a Dog Happy and Healthy in a Small Apartment

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Dogs are some of the best companions we can have. read more

A happy dog stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

10 Best US Cities for Dog Lovers

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Changing residences, especially moving to a new state, boggles your mind with important considerations. The quality of schools, weather, cost of living, transportation options, etc. all need analysis to fit the most needs possible. read more

A cute Russian Blue cat lounges on top of a bed.

Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

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You finally moved into your new place, and now you’re looking to adopt a new pet. When it comes to furry friends, cats are (perhaps unsurprisingly) more popular than dogs — mostly because of their simple needs and fairly solitary, self-sufficient lifestyles. After all, you don’t have to worry about a cat getting bored or […] read more

Service Dog

Know Your Rights: Service Animals

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Although many landlords prohibit their tenants from having a dog or cat in their unit, they do have to make exceptions for service animals, or animals who are trained to aid those individuals with physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities. If you require a service animal to live with you, you’ll want to know your […] read more


Pet-Proofing Your Apartment

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When your pet is part of the family, it’s important to make your home safe and comfortable for them. When that home is an apartment, you’ll also have to learn how to avoid getting dinged with big cleaning and repair bills. As long as you make an effort to keep your space in good shape, […] read more

State of Apartment Living – 2010

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Recently, we reached a major milestone here at ApartmentRatings when we passed one million apartment reviews. We decided to take a look a some of the data to find out some trends in apartment living this year. Instead of just releasing the numbers, we thought we should ride the infographic trend and display the info […] read more