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Simple, green, and most importantly, relaxing small outdoor apartment space.

The Best Ways to Maximize Small Outdoor Spaces

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Apartment dwellers don’t always have the luxury of an outdoor space, and when they do, it’s often shared, or postage-stamp sized. read more

close-up view of a luxury apartment pool.

Outdoor Amenities are Trending. Here are the Best Ones to Look for:

Finding the right apartment takes planning, research, and even a bit of luck. But the first step in beginning an apartment search is knowing what you want — and where to look for it. What better place to start looking than contemporary apartment trends? You can use these as a springboard to help figure out […] read more

Balconies vs. Patios: The Pros and Cons

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A well-organized and pleasant outdoor area is something everyone craves. read more

A sparse, clean apartment patio area.

13 Ideas for Bringing Your Dream Apartment Patio to Life

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One of the biggest downsides to apartment living is the big lack of available outdoor space. Even if you have a small patio area, it can often feel overwhelming trying to decide how to decorate it to truly make the most of it. read more

6 Steps to Creating an Outdoor Oasis for a Small Patio

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A deck or patio is a nice outdoor space, but with a little design effort, it can become an additional room and an extension of your home. Who doesn’t like to spend time outdoors when the weather turns warm (especially those of us who live in northern climates!)? The best way to make the most […] read more

Protecting Your Balcony or Patio during the Winter

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Protecting your patio or balcony during the harsh winter weather can make your spring season unveiling that much easier. It will also keep your area looking well kept and less hazardous which in turn will result in less work for you in the long run. Pick a Clear Day Many patio and balcony sealants require […] read more

Four Ideas to Maintain Patio Privacy

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It’s hard to enjoy your patio when you feel you’re being watched-here are four ideas to maintain patio privacy. 1. Green It Up Consider using plants for privacy. If space is ample, this would be a good option for providing patio privacy. Start by building a wall out of lattice wood work. Then plant either a […] read more

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Patio Decorating on the Cheap

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Of all the furnished rooms and areas in and around your apartment, you should spend the least amount of money on patio decorating. Keeping within a reasonable budget shouldn’t be difficult because you only need a few key pieces–no need to go overboard with spending money on fancy pillows, wall hangings and accessories that you […] read more

4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Patio

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There are simple ways to decorate your patio, making it a place of ultimate relaxation and a great outdoor area to entertain family and guests. Your decorating options will depend on your financial situation, but there are things that anyone can do, even on a tight budget. Living in an apartment doesn’t limit the possibilities […] read more