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Washing machine with throw pillows on top and rattan laundry hampers to the right.

On-Site Laundry Room Rules Everyone Should Follow

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Apartment amenities like swimming pools and rooftop decks are great, but when it comes to practical on-site perks, it’s hard to beat having a laundry room in your building. read more

Storage in Your Laundry Space

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Lots of homes have some additional storage areas in a laundry space along with the washer and dryer. These closets, cabinets, shelves and other storage features can help families organize all of the stuff that they keep in their home. Some storage tips will help households figure out how to best use a laundry space. […] read more

Keeping Dirty Laundry Tidy in a Small Apartment

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When you live in a small apartment, the space can easily become cluttered-especially if you aren’t mindful of how to properly store your dirty laundry. To keep your apartment organized and clean, you have to have to keep all of your clothes, clean or dirty, neatly stored and out of sight. Otherwise your apartment will […] read more

Space-Saving Ideas: The Benefits of a Stackable Washer-Dryer

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A stackable washer and dryer is the best space-saving idea when it comes to laundry needs. Traditional washing machines and dryers can be bulky and require twice as much space on the ground. Some apartments are not large enough to hold both, leaving those tenants no option but to go to a public laundromat or […] read more

How to Save Money Doing Laundry

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When you move into an apartment, chances are doing laundry doesn’t top your list of expenses. Compared to rent and utilities, laundry is a small expense-but one that can add up if you don’t keep track of how much you’re spending. With a little planning, you can save money and time doing laundry. Here are […] read more

Laundry Room Etiquette for Apartment Dwellers

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Apartment dwellers are accustomed to sharing facilities with roommates and neighbors. A shared laundry room, however, presents unique challenges in communal living. Unlike a patio or other common area, in a laundry room you engage in a task involving hygiene. You, and your neighbors, expect each other to be conscious of this fact. Laundry Room […] read more