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Sleek luxury apartment unit decked out in contemporary furnishings.

What Makes a Luxury Apartment?

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A luxury apartment refers to a high-end living space that includes everything you need, and then some. read more

close-up view of a luxury apartment pool.

Outdoor Amenities are Trending. Here are the Best Ones to Look for:

Finding the right apartment takes planning, research, and even a bit of luck. But the first step in beginning an apartment search is knowing what you want — and where to look for it. What better place to start looking than contemporary apartment trends? You can use these as a springboard to help figure out […] read more

A modern bathroom with a built-in hot tub - one of the hottest apartment amenities of 2020.

11 Amenities Renters Want in 2020

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As the housing crisis continues to squeeze money and joy out of people, renters are demanding more bang for their buck. No longer will a carport and an on-site laundry room close apartment and house rental deals. read more

How to Compare Apartment Properties

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If you’re trying to choose from among several apartment properties, you need to base your final selection on a number of criteria. You’ll be able to narrow down the offerings by making a decision based on the type of amenities you desire, the amount of space you require, the length of the lease, the location […] read more

Apartment Amenities: How to Supplement a Small Gym

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A gym is one of those amenities that’s nice to have, but apartment gyms often lack a lot of the equipment you need to complete your workout. You may need to supplement it with your own, and there are a few basic equipment that you should consider buying. You don’t want to go overboard, because […] read more