Creating a Relaxing Home Atmosphere

Relaxing at Home

Home is our place of refuge. It’s a place where we can kick our feet up and forget all the troubles of the day. Whatever you like to do at home — whether it’s reading a book, catching up on your favorite shows, or just taking a bit of a snooze before dinner — it’s important that you feel relaxed right when you walk in the door.

Of course, our homes are already inherently conducive to relaxation, but what are some things we can do to make it the ultimate escape at the end of a long day? Think about what makes you feel comforted when you’re stressed out with work or school and what can make you unwind.

Here are a few ideas for creating a relaxing home environment for those times when you need it most:

Candles, Candles, and More Candles

What could be more relaxing than cozying up with a good book (or maybe a Netflix binge session) at the end of the day? The answer is a good book or a Netflix binge with a lit candle nearby. Candles not only make your home smell fresher, but they also create a relaxed ambiance that’s hard to beat.

Buy a few candles in your favorite scents and light one when you get home. Put it on the dinner table, or place it in the bathroom for a spa-like feel while you take a nice long bubble bath. Find a variety of scents and figure out which ones work well together to create a really great vibe in your house. Just be sure to remember to blow them out when you plan on leaving the apartment for any period of time!

Make Everything in Your House Soft

When it comes to relaxation, nothing feels more comforting than something soft and cushy. Although you might be tempted to skimp on fluffy things like pillows, blankets, and robes, resist the urge. Go through the department store and pick out the softest blankets (faux fur blankets are really in style right now) and the prettiest PJs to jump into after a hard day at work. It might seem frivolous to spend more money on things that aren’t exactly considered staples, but you’ll thank yourself for going the extra mile in the long run.

Buy Little Luxurious Things

Modern Appliances

Your apartment may be small, and you may not live in your dream home just yet, but neither of those things mean that you can’t make your space look and feel luxurious in small ways. You may not be able to control the fact that your kitchen doesn’t have white subway tiles or marble countertops, but you can buy nice appliances that make cooking simpler and a large cutting board to cover up that less-than-ideal formica counter.

The same goes for any other space in your home. The bathroom you’re dealing with in your rental probably isn’t the bathroom you envisioned yourself getting ready in, but you can add little touches to it, like a bamboo floor mat in front of the shower, a towel warmer to feel extra cozy during those colder months, and your favorite bath products and lotions to make it feel a little more luxe.

Taking the time and spending the money on little things that you love makes your home feel more special and likes a place that you want to spend time in (even if it is just a rental).

Make Your Bed a Place You Want to Be

Of course, when we think about relaxation, the first place that pops into our minds is the bedroom. But stop and think about it for a minute: do you really love to be in your bed?

You can certainly get by with cheaper living room furniture or a Craigslist kitchen table, but the one thing you must never skimp on is your bed. We spend a huge portion of our lives in our beds, and it’s important that they be optimized for resting.

It’s recommended that we replace our mattresses every five to 10 years, so if you’re past that deadline (or you’re still sleeping on your childhood mattress), you should definitely spring for a new one.

After you’ve updated your mattress, the next things you’ll want to think about are the linens. If it’s been awhile since you got yourself a new bed set, you might want to think about updating your sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and comforter. Get something that feels cozy and adequately reflects your style. Look in magazines or on Pinterest for some bedroom looks that you’ll love, and try recreating them in your own home.

The idea is to make your bedroom a place of serenity and a place that you’ll actually want to spend time in, which will ultimately make it much more relaxing.

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