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Washing machine with throw pillows on top and rattan laundry hampers to the right.

On-Site Laundry Room Rules Everyone Should Follow

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Apartment amenities like swimming pools and rooftop decks are great, but when it comes to practical on-site perks, it’s hard to beat having a laundry room in your building. read more

Young group of friendly apartment neighbors gets along swimmingly, laugh and exchanging small gifts.

9 Things All Good Neighbors Do

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The past six months have made it more difficult to be a good neighbor than ever before. Social distancing, quarantines, and a healthy dose of panic have most people hibernating and concentrating on as little social interaction as possible. But the day will come when read more

A problematic neighbor harasses a young couple in their apartment

How to Deal with Neighbor Harassment

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If a neighbor is exhibiting hostile, defiant, or deliberate and targeted harassment, make sure to follow these steps to amicably and safely resolve the situation. read more

How Do I Keep My Neighbor from Leeching My Wireless Connection?

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If at any moment you have thought to yourself, “How do I keep my neighbor from leeching my wireless connection?,” then you may find this information helpful. Living in close proximity to neighbors can be an Internet disaster, especially when you haven’t taken steps to protect your wireless service. Depending on your Internet speed and […] read more

How to Stop Your Neighbor from Stealing Your Netflix

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If you have a neighbor stealing your Netflix, he is committing a crime. Netflix is a company that offers you the chance to see movies in the order that you want to see them. It’s pretty simple. You log onto their website, pay a small fee every month and choose a plan that works for […] read more

How Can I Tell if My Neighbor Is Stealing My Wi-Fi Connection?

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Having a neighbor stealing wi fi from you is never a good thing, and you might think that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Happily, you’re wrong about that. How Can I Know? The first thing to know is that when a computer is using a wireless Internet connection, each computer has an […] read more

4 Ways to Deal With Bad Neighbors

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Living with bad neighbors can be stressful and greatly impacts your quality of life. Moving out is not always an option, and it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t live among bad neighbors again. Not confronting the problem will only make you lose sleep at night. If you need help, here are 4 things you can […] read more

How to Turn Problem Neighbors into Good Neighbors

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Have you ever wished that you could turn problem neighbors into good neighbors? Changing them to suit your tastes may seem like a fantasy; but while there are no guarantees, it won’t hurt to attempt to make your wish a reality. Step 1. Identifying the Problem Before doing anything, you must first understand the nature of the problem. […] read more

How to Prevent a Neighbor Dispute from Escalating

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A neighbor dispute is never fun, but they don’t have to get out of hand. As long as your neighbor is a reasonable person, you can use conflict resolution strategies to keep things under control. Here are some ideas you can employ to try to keep your neighbor dispute from escalating. 1. Apologize When It’s […] read more