5 Space-Saving Office Furniture Ideas

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Space saving office furniture can make it possible to have a home office, even in the smallest of apartments. In studio apartments and other small apartments, people seem forced to use notebook computers on their couches, beds or kitchen tables–forget desktop computers, printers, scanners and other computer accessories (forget function and organization). However, small space design functional home offices are possible, with a few clever furniture ideas:

1. Wheeled Computer Desks

The range of computer desks on wheels create perfect space saving office furniture ideas. Some are multi-tiered and have space for desktop monitors, keyboards and even printers or scanners. Others are simply compact desks for laptops that at least keep the hot and uncomfortable laptop computers off of your lap. You can roll these desks out of the way into the corner when not in use.

2. Desk Organizer

Don’t keep your pencils, rulers, scrap paper and the like stacked in piles on your desk or table. Get a desk organizer with multiple compartments and pull-out drawers so that everything is in easy reach and organized. Some compact designs can fit on even the smallest desks and make the perfect companion for wheeled computer desks that often don’t include space for drawers and storage.

3. Wheeled Compact Filing Cabinet

Another space saving office furniture idea is the wheeled compact filing cabinet. With a home office, two to three drawers ought to be enough to store your important paperwork. There are a number of compact filing cabinet systems on wheels so that they can easily be moved in and out of closets and corners. Filing cabinets that are one to two rows wide can also serve as tables for pictures, vases and more.

4. Stackable Storage Boxes

In lieu of the filing cabinet, you may be interested in stackable storage boxes. Some of these systems are on wheels as well, making it simple to move them out of the way as necessary. If you often need new storage for a temporary period, collapsible stackable storage boxes make the perfect space saving office furniture solution.

5. Corner or Tall Book Shelves

If you need to keep a lot of books or files in easy reach for research, fun or work, but you don’t have the space, look into a tall book shelf that maximizes space by including narrow shelves stacked vertically. (You may need a step stool to reach the top.) You might also consider a corner bookshelf which makes the most use of a corner space.

Space saving office furniture ideas can turn even the small space design home office into a functional workspace. Working in anything but a functional office is uncomfortable and inefficient. When you live in a small apartment, you don’t have much space to spare, so make the most of what space you have.

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