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Large Looking Apartment

Ingenious Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

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A living space can look so big when it’s empty that you can’t even begin to imagine how your sparse furniture collection would ever transform it into a home. But once you unpack all the boxes, you often feel like you’re wedged in the middle of a storage unit gasping for air. read more

Make Your Small Space Seem Spacious

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Beauty is supposedly in the eye of the beholder, and lucky for those of us in tiny apartments, so is the feel of roominess. Here are a few tips to make your living area seem more spacious. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying – don’t underestimate the power of a large mirror. […] read more

Big Style, Small Space: 5 Tips

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It is possible to have big style in a small space. Studio apartments, small rooms in a residence or rooms without much wall space can be easily decorated to fit your furniture and show off your decorating style. Below are five tips to decorating a small space with big style. 1. Think Vertically Using available […] read more