Space-Saving Ideas: The Practicality of a Corner Desk

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When it comes to space saving ideas, some can be trickier than others. All houses require some of the same large pieces of furniture, such as a desk. A desk is a necessity in almost any home, but not all homes have an overabundance of  floor space. This is where the practicality of a corner desk comes in to play. A space saver, indeed. And, this is typically an easy space saving idea. Even if you are in the tiniest of apartments,  selecting a corner desk will have amazing results. You might be surprised at how much space this will free up.

Purpose and Practicality

Having a desk strategically placed in the corner of the room will really free up a lot of floor space. This will allow more furniture to be placed in the room without having a cramped feel. Also, a corner will not be empty anymore. Filling up the wasted space that a corner creates a homier atmosphere to any dwelling.

Prices and Locations

Corner desks can be found anywhere desks are sold. Rather you buy one in a box, or bring one home pre-assembled, these desks are relatively inexpensive. There is a somewhat wide price range, but some start out at $49.95, and can be as expensive at hundreds of dollars. Pricing varies upon quality, materials used, and the selection of store. Generally, unassembled desks are less expensive.

Other Corner Pieces

When purchasing the corner desk, keep in mind that accessories can be purchased as well. Items such as the corner hutch, or corner shelves. Corner shelves that coordinate with the desk would be great for storing photo frames, collectables and knick-knacks. By selecting a corner hutch or shelves, this deletes the need for floor shelves, thus granting more floor space.

Other Ideas

Another piece that would compliment the corner desk and provide some practical use would be a floor lamp. By placing the floor lamp in the center of the corner, behind the desk, would provide both a practical use and cause one less idea to cover up much needed floor space.

While the idea of a corner is an old one, it has been saving floor spaces in many homes for years. This, along with the other possibilities listed here, will help ensure that you have the most amount of free living space possible.

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