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Small Living Space

The 5 Biggest Drawbacks of Apartment Living — and How to Remedy Them

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Apartment living certainly has its perks: you don’t have to do yard work, you never have to pay for the repairs on anything if it breaks, and you can feel free to leave as soon as your lease is up. Of course, the renter’s lifestyle is not without its little annoyances, including paper thin walls, […] read more

Luxury Apartment

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

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You’ve probably seen pictures of an elegant celebrity home in a magazine or caught a glance of a posh room in a movie and thought, “I wish I could make my home look like that.” read more

Large Looking Apartment

Ingenious Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

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A living space can look so big when it’s empty that you can’t even begin to imagine how your sparse furniture collection would ever transform it into a home. But once you unpack all the boxes, you often feel like you’re wedged in the middle of a storage unit gasping for air. read more

Organized Closet

Show Your Apartment Some Love: 6 Upgrades You Can Make in a Weekend

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Everyone needs a little TLC every once in a while — including your home! read more

Shopping for Furniture

The Best Places to Score Great Home Decor

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Everyone’s always on the hunt for the perfect home furnishings. Personalizing your space helps it feel more like home — especially if it’s a rental. The more styled your apartment feels, the more comfortable you’ll be in it and the more likely you’ll be to invite people over to enjoy it with you. read more

Fall Decor

Filling Your Apartment with Fall Decor

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There’s a slight chill in the air, the stores are bringing out pumpkin spice everything, and it’s finally time to bust out the fall décor in your apartment. You may not have a yard or a whole lot of interior space, but you can still bring the beauty of autumn into your home. read more

mid century modern decor

Easy Ways to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Style into Your Apartment

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Mid-century modern is easily the most popular decorating style of the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Our grandparents’ generation certainly had it figured out when it came to interior decor—sleek lines, a good use of space and color, and fun, fresh artwork. But when you live in a small box-y looking apartment with […] read more

Utilize Your Apartment’s Old Tension Rods

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Ah, tension rods! Those versatile plastic poles that come in all sizes…and are able to provide wall-to-wall fabric hanging without your having to drill holes in said walls! What a wonderful invention! “Why, that’s how I’ve secured my shower curtain,” you might say. Or, “The gauze curtain in my picture window is held up by […] read more

Go Mad for Motifs

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How daring of an interior decorator are you? Do you play it safe with a neutral palette and classic furnishings? Or are your rooms a paint box of color and mixed up furniture? Either way, let’s take a look at some ideas for using patterns and prints throughout your home. If you are already daring, […] read more