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Organizing Your Teeny Tiny Bathroom

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There are more than a few apartment landlords who really seem to think that two square feet are more than ample when it comes to bathroom space. You've probably seen plenty of apartments with bathrooms where you can't really even be sure how they shoehorned a shower into the room. read more

How To Add a Loft to Your Apartment

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Apartments, especially studios and efficiencies, can be short on space. This can result in the loss of both functional and storage space. One great way to help combat space constraints is building a loft bed or other lofted space to help use the vertical space available in your apartment to its fullest potential otherwise. There are obvious limitations to this process in an apartment environment, where you’re not able to make major modifications to your surroundings. However, it’s relatively cheap and easy to build a freestanding loft bed that won’t have a lasting effect on your apartment, and the space you save will more than compensate for the initial investment in materials. Many people use lofts to house their mattresses, as beds can take up a lot of space. This is a great option, but just building a loft for storage can greatly increase the number of places to put things in your apartment, without reducing your floor space. read more

Over Toilet Shelving Creates Bathroom Space

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Is the bathroom in your apartment too small? Is your newspaper/magazine in the living room when you go into the bathroom to take care of business? Is your towel always on the floor? It’s time to pick it up and get a towel rack that goes above your toilet. This storage unit is easy to install, reasonably priced, and has many uses. read more