Space Saving Ideas: 4 Tips to Maximize Bookshelf Space

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If you’re looking for space saving ideas, then look no further than your bookshelf. Do you have books on the floor, on your end tables or on your kitchen table? If so, it could be because you don’t know how to maximize bookshelf space. Use the following 4 tips and get your books back to where they belong – on the shelves.

1. Use Adjustable Shelves

It’s much easier to maximize your bookshelf space if you work with adjustable shelves. For example, if your favorite reference book won’t fit upright, you’ll lay it on the bookshelf sideways, which can take up the space of about three or so other books. Then, you’ll pile books on top of that, spill books when you go to retrieve it again, get frustrated and put the books that fell on the end table. The cycle of clutter goes on and on. If  the bookshelf you have doesn’t have adjustable shelves, sell it and get one that does.

2. Only Store Books

Bookshelf space is for books. This may seem like a radical space saving idea today, when bookshelves are used to store everything from laptops to canned foods. However, if you stick to its intended use, you can maximize bookshelf space. Grab a box and put everything that is not a book into it. Label it, and put it underneath your bed or desk until you’re ready to go through it and put everything away in its proper place. Buy other storage solutions to house those items properly, such as a laptop bag, CD cases or plastic tubs. Then you’ll have more room to store the books you have all around your apartment.

3. Group According to Size

Adjustable shelves play a key role here. Shelve tall books together, shorter books together and so on, until you have shelves full of books grouped according to size. Having this visual cue will help you to maintain your system when you’re in a rush. Some experts on space saving ideas and books recommend that you arrange your books by author or subject. They expect you to keep track of a mini-library, the way that a professional librarian would. However, very few renters have the time for that. It’s enough to get you to put the books back on the shelves according to size.

4. Group According to Cover

There is one more shelving option for someone who doesn’t have much time to spare, but doesn’t want to trash their books either. After you group your books according to size, take the extra step to divide the books into paperbacks and hardcovers. On one shelf, or on one side of the shelf, shelve all your paperbacks of the same size. Then, put all your hardcovers of the same size on the other. That way, you don’t run the risk of ruining your paperback books.

Maximizing your bookshelf space is among many space saving ideas you can use to keep your apartment neat and clutter-free. If you need to buy a couple of extra bookshelves to complete the job, do it.

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