Make the Most out of Apartment Storage Space

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Making the most out of your apartment storage space means expanding the space you have to work with. Since the free space for storage is limited in an apartment, you have to think of ways to maximize efficiency when storing items away.

Identifying Unused Space

In most apartments, space is limited. When you consider what space you can devote to storage space, you might not think you have much room to spare. However, there are a number of unused spots that you can use for storage that you may not have considered. Consider storage under furniture, such as a bed or couch, where you can easily slide in flat plastic storage containers.

Also, consider how much space between the ceiling and the floor traditionally goes unused. You can make better use of vertical space by investing in tall, but not wide shelving and cabinets that you can access with the assistance of a stool. You can also hang items from hooks or small shelves (such as spice racks) on the walls and the backs of doors, although if you add permanent hooks or shelving, you should ask your landlord for permission first.

Stack and Collapse

When you’ve identified vertical storage space, such as the space in a closet, you can take advantage of the height by investing in stackable storage containers. While a tall unit with drawers makes a good start, with stackable bins, you can add or subtract the bins as needed. (For example, you might store holiday decorations for most of the year, but you won’t need the empty bins sitting in your closet when the decorations are in use.) If the stackable bins are collapsible, you can free up even more space by collapsing the bins and shoving them in small spaces, such as under furniture and in the corner of closets, when you’re not using the bins.

Closet Organization

When it comes to designing your apartment storage space, how you design your closet is among your most important tasks. A closet should have space for:

*Stackable plastic containers
*A set of drawers
*Plastic shoe boxes or a shoe rack for shoes
*Multiple-hook hangers
*Vacuum-seal bags

Of special note are the multiple-hook hangers and the vacuum-seal bags. The multiple-hook hangers allow you to hang clothes vertically in a space equal only to that of one or two garments hung side by side. They do so by having a hook with slots for between six and eight garments that you then hang vertically.

Vacuum-seal bags allow your to store clothing, blankets, tablecloths, pillows, stuffed animals, jackets, winter gear and any other soft cloth item without hard or pointy ends. You use a vacuum hose to shrink down the bag to a fraction of its size, allowing you to tuck away the vacuum packs in drawers or in the corner of your closet.

Maximizing the storage space in your apartment means taking advantage of unused space in unconventional ways. If you find that you have too much to store away, consider renting a storage unit or getting rid of items that you don’t often use.

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