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A spacious apartment unit with high ceilings.

Making the Most of High Ceilings

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Almost every home comes with a set of design challenges. Sparse kitchen cabinets, tiny windows, creaky steps — unless you design it yourself, creativity is key to making it all work. While low ceilings are typically only a problem in basement or attic rooms, high ceilings are more prominent in converted warehouse/industrial spaces and houses […] read more

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

Surviving the Summer Without Central Air Conditioning

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Summer is officially here, along with all the things we love about it — and a few that we hate about it. Like heat waves. read more

Vertical Blinds

Replacing Vertical Blinds: 6 Chic Alternatives to Dress Up Your Rooms

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Architects seem to love big windows more and more with each passing year. Compare today’s structures with a few from the 60s, and you’ll notice that the windows have significantly increased in size, even in buildings with relatively small floor plans. read more

Ugly Carpet

How to Hide Ugly Carpet

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When looking for a place to rent, you’ll often have to choose between a great location and a great-looking apartment. If you’re particularly lucky, you’ll get the best of both worlds, but living in an ideal area usually means having to compromise on interior aesthetics. read more

Window Blinds or Curtains: Which is Right For You?

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Blinds or curtains? The question of what will best cover your windows is not an easy one to answer. However, by considering your needs and wants in a window covering, the task can become a simpler one. Privacy Considerations The first concern in deciding between blinds or curtains is the amount of privacy you seek. […] read more

Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

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When choosing a window treatment for French doors, consider the location of the doors, as well as function, and personal decorating style. French doors are extremely versatile and can be a very ornamental part of any décor. They can also be somewhat modest and plain, serving as a functional source of natural light or privacy. And […] read more

Frugal Living: 4 Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

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Window treatments are a unique way to add interest and color to any room’s decorating scheme. The decor piece can often be pricey at higher-end furniture and decorating stores, despite its universal simplicity. Use simple fabric pieces, unique ties and different lengths to cheaply add interest and variety with window treatments. Rather than purchasing pricier, […] read more

How to Adapt Home Decoration Tips for Apartment Units

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Decoration tips for apartment living can all too often be a bit bland. Home decoration tends to be more lavish than the average apartment decorating. A home lends itself to greater space and a more definite sense of permanency. Since a home is going to be one’s haven for years, it’s easy to justify the […] read more

Noisy Neighbors? 4 Simple Soundproofing Tips

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When you signed your apartment lease, you were completely unaware of the noisy neighbors and their habit of stomping around and listening to music until the early hours of the morning. However, sharing walls, ceilings and floors is just a natural part of apartment living. Sometimes the structure of the building may cause sound to […] read more