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House Training a Puppy

Training Your Dog for Apartment Life

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, as do the behavioral problems and learning curves that come with them. This is especially true for first-time dog owners, who might not know exactly what to expect when it comes to their dog’s development. read more

Service Dog

Know Your Rights: Service Animals

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Although many landlords prohibit their tenants from having a dog or cat in their unit, they do have to make exceptions for service animals, or animals who are trained to aid those individuals with physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities. If you require a service animal to live with you, you’ll want to know your […] read more


Pet-Proofing Your Apartment

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When your pet is part of the family, it’s important to make your home safe and comfortable for them. When that home is an apartment, you’ll also have to learn how to avoid getting dinged with big cleaning and repair bills. As long as you make an effort to keep your space in good shape, […] read more

Find the Right Dog: 7 Factors to Consider in an Apartment

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Lots of apartment dwellers look at filling their home with canine companionship, but when it’s time to find the right dog for your apartment space, taking some time to think about various considerations can help to avoid some potential problems for you and your new pet. Here are some of the common points that dog […] read more

Apartment Dog Breeds: 6 Quiet Dog Breeds to Consider

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Looking for dog breeds that won’t raise a ruckus in your apartment? Here are some of the breeds that owners report as being less “yippy” and less likely to become one of those annoying barking dogs in the distance—or in your front room. Choosing a quiet dog is a very practical way to make sure […] read more

Apartment Dog Breeds: Four Unusual and Rare Dogs to Think about

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With over 300 dog breeds worldwide, it can indeed be unique to pick from rare dogs of unusual breeds. The following listing of rare dog breeds will definitely give you something to think about along these lines. #1 – Dogue de Bordeaux The Dogue de Bordeaux is a French mastiff that is a large breed of dog. […] read more