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Young woman spends some quality time in her apartment with her new dog.

The Best and Worst Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

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Getting a dog has the potential to make any house feel like a warm, loving home. Unfortunately, having a dog in an apartment can also be demanding, especially if it’s located in a busy part of town. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that any dog you do decide to get as a renter […] read more

Service Dog

Know Your Rights: Service Animals

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Although many landlords prohibit their tenants from having a dog or cat in their unit, they do have to make exceptions for service animals, or animals who are trained to aid those individuals with physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities. If you require a service animal to live with you, you’ll want to know your […] read more

5 Low-Maintenance Pets to Consider

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Low maintenance pets are wonderful in that they enable you to have warmth and something to care for in your home without requiring much effort. While you may want a pet, you may not have unlimited time or funds to dedicate to an animal. Fortunately, there are several pets out there that require minimal effort. […] read more