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A happy dog stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

10 Best US Cities for Dog Lovers

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Changing residences, especially moving to a new state, boggles your mind with important considerations. The quality of schools, weather, cost of living, transportation options, etc. all need analysis to fit the most needs possible. read more

Man suffers pet allergies after being exposed to his dog's dander.

Debunking Common Pet Allergy Myths

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Allergies are a serious problem for many people, with reactions ranging from flu and cold-like sniffling and sneezing to severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, the word “allergy” has been greatly read more

House Training a Puppy

Training Your Dog for Apartment Life

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, as do the behavioral problems and learning curves that come with them. This is especially true for first-time dog owners, who might not know exactly what to expect when it comes to their dog’s development. read more

Apartment Dog Training: What to Do with Your Shared Patio

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Dog training takes time, patience and consistency. Both puppies and adult dogs alike must be taught proper behavior for living indoors as well as how to interact with neighbors. In an apartment, neighbors are even closer together, making it essential that your dog is very well trained and will not bite or annoy your neighbors. […] read more

Apartment Dog Training: Teaching Your Pup Some Manners

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When you get your puppy, you should start dog training with him immediately. In an apartment setting you have to be even more careful with your possessions. Teaching your dog manners like staying off the furniture is a good place to start. Here are some manners to teach your puppy. 1. Chewing Problems Puppies chew […] read more

3 Best Dog Kennels for an Apartment

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Dog kennels can be helpful if you need to confine your dog to one area while you’re at work or away from your apartment for several hours. You don’t want to abuse your use of it, but with the right balance and training, your dog will gladly go into the crate when you’re ready to […] read more

Apartment Dweller’s Best Friend: When and Why to Use a Dog Walker

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A dog walker can be an apartment dweller’s best friend when you have one or more dogs living with you at your apartment. The expense is truly worth the investment for many apartment dwellers. Apartment Complexes and Walkers Apartment complexes are the ideal location for a dog walker because so many people live in one […] read more

Energizing Your Lethargic Dog

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A lethargic dog is at greater risk for injury and disease than an active dog, so it is important that you make the effort to energize your dog if he shows symptoms of lethargy. It’s important to get a dog energized and on a set feeding, exercise and potty walk schedule in order to prevent […] read more

Apartment Dog Weight Management Guidelines

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Dog weight management guidelines are important to follow, especially if you live in an apartment. Dogs can gain weight when they live in a confined space and don’t get enough exercise. Therefore, making sure your dog is fed so he maintains a healthy, normal weight is essential if you don’t want him to become sick. Obese […] read more