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Three Recommended Mouse Traps

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Even if it’s not springtime, it’s a good idea to think about buying mouse traps. With several brands and variations of mouse traps to choose from, it many be hard to make a choice. Consumers want quick, mess-free results no matter the method of trap they select. Here are three choice mouse traps to consider […] read more

Using Aromatherapy to Keep Rodents Away

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Learn to keep rodents away without resorting to messy and dangerous glue traps and snap traps. Aromatherapy, which can make an apartment smell pleasant, can also deter rodents from venturing into your apartment. Dangers of Usual Methods Curious pets and children can hurt themselves in the traditional snap trap, particularly cats, who are naturally drawn […] read more

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Studio Apartment

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A studio apartment presents a unique set of challenges if you want to become a pet owner. You may be comfortable with the location, space and environment of a small living space, but it might not be right for certain types of animals. Here are some things to consider before you go searching for a […] read more

Typical Terms of Pet Friendly Rentals

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Finding pet friendly rentals is a must for animal lovers who rent. Since finding the right pet friendly condo or apartment that also meets your other needs can take a little extra effort, you want to be sure to follow the rules so you can stay there a long time. Most pet friendly apartments and […] read more

Weird Pets Found in Apartments

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Most apartments that accept pets focus on cats and dogs—animals generally left lose to wreak unlimited havoc on apartments. But what about unusual pets that spend most of their time caged? Here’s an article on animals that may be more attractive to your landlord than dogs that like to dig or cats that like to scratch. Read on and maybe you’ll find your perfect animal match! read more