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Young man sinks his head into his arms inside his apartment, extremely displease with his living situation

10 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Apartment

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From the time you’re born, life is constantly in flux. You grow, develop, and experience changes both good and bad. One of the best and most reliable parts of the journey is going through varied relationships, environments, jobs, and living spaces. read more

Silver car pulling into a vacant parking spot.

How to (Successfully) Share a Parking Spot with Your Roommate

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You’ve finally found the ideal apartment. It’s got two bedrooms, in a convenient location, secure, clean, and it even has on-site parking. Your roommate likes it just as much as you do and all the move-in costs are covered, but the second you’re ready to go out and celebrate, you realize there’s one caveat to […] read more

Apartment Complex Parking

Dealing with Apartment Complex Parking

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Living in an apartment complex certainly has its pros: you don’t have to mow any grass, you’re not responsible for fixing the water heater, and it only takes you an hour or so to clean your whole place. On the downside, living in an apartment complex also means that you most likely don’t have access […] read more

State of Apartment Living – 2010

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Recently, we reached a major milestone here at ApartmentRatings when we passed one million apartment reviews. We decided to take a look a some of the data to find out some trends in apartment living this year. Instead of just releasing the numbers, we thought we should ride the infographic trend and display the info […] read more

Parking and Car Safety Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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Parking and car safety are two of the more serious issues you have to consider when living in an apartment. One of the downfalls to apartment living, as opposed to living in a house, is not having a garage attached or in close proximity to your living space. While parking your car in a personal […] read more

Sharing Tandem Parking Spots with Your Roommate

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Tandem parking spots are sometimes the only option you and your roommate will have for parking. Having to park your cars one behind the other can be tricky and requires planning, consideration and cooperation. Devising a Plan Sharing parking with your roommate requires a concerted effort to coordinate your schedules and plan ahead. You must […] read more

Need Extra Cash? Sublet Your Parking Spot

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When you’re strapped for cash, it may be worth considering whether your apartment complex allows you to sublet parking spots. An unneeded parking spot may be the answer to your financial problems. Is Subletting Parking Spots Allowed? Apartment complexes vary in their policies for subletting your parking spot. To determine your options, first read your […] read more

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How to Negotiate for an Additional Parking Spot

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Obtaining an additional parking spot requires negotiating with your landlord. If you’ve never negotiated before, the thought of trying it may seem intimidating. But, with a little preparation, it really shouldn’t be. 1. Determining the Odds of Obtaining an Additional Parking Spot Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not be able to obtain […] read more


5 Tips to Keep Your Car Safe When Parking on the Street

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Not every apartment complex comes with on-site parking, or enough spaces to accommodate all of your vehicles. Keep your car safe when parking on the street by using these tips. 1 – Set Your Car Alarm, Lock Your Doors and Close Your Windows This seems pretty obvious, but not all car alarms turn on automatically. […] read more