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Jar full of old bathroom toothbrushes

6 Bad Bathroom Habits to Kick for Healthy Living

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Do you actually enjoy using your bathroom, or do you usually feel like getting in and out within the shortest time possible? read more

Clogged Shower Drain

Our Top Tips for Unclogging a Blocked Shower Drain

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We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying a nice relaxing shower, when you suddenly notice the water isn’t going down, or is draining very slowly — even without any visible obstructions. read more

Mildew Removal

Dealing with a Bathroom that Smells like Mildew

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When you think about the bathroom in your home, you (hopefully) like to think about it as an escape, or a temporary oasis where you can take a bubble bath, a long shower, or groom yourself at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, that spa-like oasis feel can quickly go away when your bathroom […] read more

Cleaning Grout

Gritty Grout: How to Finally Get Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

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We’ve all been in one of those rental bathrooms. The ones that have the “ew” factor — dingy countertops, builder-grade cabinets, linoleum floors, and worst of all, a tub and shower that are less than desirable in the way of mold and dirty grout. read more

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Overlooked Spots You Probably Aren’t Cleaning (But Should Be)

I was recently reading a fascinating article about the bacteria that live and grow inside our showerheads. Surprised? I certainly was. I never would’ve guessed that the fixture responsible for getting me clean every day was actually housing a slew of less-than-sanitary germs. read more

How to Keep Shower Curtains Mildew-Free

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Keeping your shower curtains mildew-free makes your bathroom more sanitary and saves you from having to replace the curtains every few months. Follow these easy tips to make your shower curtains last much longer: Clean Lightly After Every Use The most basic of tips for keeping your shower curtains mildew-free is to clean the shower […] read more

Simple Apartment Cleaning Tips: Soap Scum

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When it comes to apartment cleaning, there are a number of products you can use that are inexpensive and effective in taking soap scum off the tiles and walls of your tub or shower area. You can also prevent soap scum build-up in several ways that are effective too. Preventing Soap Scum Build-up Soap scum […] read more

5 Little-Known Bathroom Cleaning Secrets

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Bathroom cleaning is not fun, but very necessary. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that gets messy the fastest. No one likes to step into a bathroom that has hair on the floor and grimy rings in the toilet. How do you keep your bathroom sparkling clean without the budget for […] read more

How to Stay Disciplined with Your Cleaning Schedule

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Implementing a cleaning schedule is probably one of the best ways to ensure that you stay on top of your tasks around the house. Cleaning is usually not an enjoyable act, but more of an act that is done out of necessity. And, inevitably, if you do not stay on top of your chores, you […] read more