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30 Amazon Prime Day Finds Every Renter Needs

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Prime Day is almost here, and it’s time to get excited about all the amazing bargains on the horizon. But with so many deals and only two days to nab them, how can you possibly know what Amazon will be bringing to the table? The answer is…us! Here’s the scoop on all the hottest deals […] read more

Shopping for Furniture

The Best Places to Score Great Home Decor

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Everyone’s always on the hunt for the perfect home furnishings. Personalizing your space helps it feel more like home — especially if it’s a rental. The more styled your apartment feels, the more comfortable you’ll be in it and the more likely you’ll be to invite people over to enjoy it with you. read more

First Apartment

My First Apartment: A List of Things to Buy for Your New Place

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Your first apartment is an exciting milestone. You’re stepping out on your own (whether it’s from your parent’s place or you will finally be living without a roommate), and it’s something that should be celebrated. read more

10 Tips for Decorating a Furnished Apartment

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Decorating a furnished apartment can be just as much fun as starting from scratch. With a bit of imagination and creativity, follow these tips to make the space uniquely your own, even when it chock full of furnishings. 1. Pick Your Favorite Colors Pick your favorite colors from the existing decor. With a furnished apartment […] read more

4 Questions to Ask When Searching for Furnished Apartments for Rent

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Finding a furnished apartments for rent can be beneficial, if you need a short term lease, or if you’re not quite sure how long you want to stay in the area. You don’t have to buy furniture or move the ones you have, because the landlord will make them available to you. It can be […] read more

4 Benefits of a Furnished Apartment for College Students

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If you’re a college student, you can benefit from renting a furnished apartment. This is especially true if you’re attending a college or university in another state, and plan to go back home during the summers, spring breaks and winter breaks. You can also benefit from renting one if you already live close by. Here […] read more

The Cost Difference between Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments

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Unfurnished apartments comprise the majority of the apartments on the market, but it is possible to find furnished apartments. Furnished apartments, however, cost more than unfurnished ones for several different reasons. Investment in the Furnishings Offering a furnished apartment requires that the landlord have purchased furniture, dishes and other items to put into the residence. […] read more

The Pros and Cons of Short Term Rentals

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Short term rentals can sometimes be the best option for a tenant. By renting short term, a tenant moving to a new, unknown city or neighborhood can test out the area to see whether he likes the area or would rather live somewhere else. However, short term rentals can often have many drawbacks as well. […] read more

How Finding Furnished Rooms for Rent Saves You Money

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For busy workers trying to transfer to a new city, or other individuals seeking the glamour of a new residential destination, moving can be a pricey affair, and finding furnished rooms for rent can be a great solution. Those who move for jobs sometimes have company resources at their disposal, but what about when your […] read more