5 Green Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom

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If you are trying to keep your bathrooms looking good without caustic chemicals and traditional high-power cleaners, try these green cleaning tips to help get your showers, sinks, toilets and floors sparkling using natural means. A few good guidelines are helping homeowners and renters take care of their homes without intense chemical formulations.

1. Use Vinegar-Based Products

For floors and tile, a vinegar-based cleaner can work just as well as some of the more costly and complex cleaners on the market. One of the challenges is to mix in additional elements to keep your bathroom from smelling like vinegar.

2. Use Baking Soda for Cleaning Drains

Using baking soda in conjunction with other natural cleaners can be an effective solution for cleaning out drains. This replaces some of the drain cleaners with potentially harmful fumes.

3. Plunging

Another alternative for drains is plunging and getting pipes unclogged by using the force of air over harsh chemicals.

4. Use “Elbow Grease”

Whether it’s floors or any other surface, some muscle power can be an effective alternative to high-powered chemicals.

5. Letting Surfaces Soak

Letting natural cleaners soak on a surface can increase their cleaning power. Here, the power of harsh chemicals is replaced by utilizing a longer time frame for cleaning. The natural use of lower intensity cleaners loosens dirt and grime by using moisture to help break it down and get surfaces and other items cleaner.

The above can help provide a deep clean for a bathroom without relying on chemicals that can cause health issues, harm to the environment, and your wallet.

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