5 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

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Bathrooms are traditionally small in most apartments. Sure, there will always be the odd master bath in certain unique apartments, like those that have been converted from old homes or business into apartment space. But for the most part, the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms because very little is really needed in the bathroom beyond the sink, toilet and shower, if it is a full bath. All of these things can be squeezed into a very small space, as any major city or beachside apartment will reveal to you. So if you happen to have an exceptionally small bathroom, or just need to utilize more space in your already crowded apartment bathroom, below are 5 ways to do this, which will be both efficient and attractive to whoever else uses these facilities.

Door Caddy

The backside of doors are usually wastes of space when you need it, so install a door caddy which hangs on the backside of the door and allows you to store items in it or hang other items from it. These caddies have a number of shelves and hooks in most cases and there are a wide variety of useful ones to choose from. Most of the caddy designs also hang efficiently over the top of the door, so they won’t require holes to be put in the door itself and can literally be installed in a second, instantly providing more storage space.

Mirrored Cabinet

If you only have a window-sized mirror on the wall of your bathroom, consider getting rid of it and installing a mirrored cabinet instead. This way you can still have the requisite mirror to get ready in, but also be able to pop it open and have a whole set of shelves for a wide variety of make-up, toiletry and medicinal items that will be easy to access.

Toilet Paper Stand

Toilet paper is obviously necessary for every bathroom and it takes up an outrageous amount of space when it is being stored, whether it’s under the bathroom sink or in a closet somewhere else in the house. When toilet paper runs out, the package must be dug out of wherever it is being stored, usually with a certain amount of messiness and hassle. So to free up the space that these unused toilet paper packages take up in your limited bathroom storage areas, purchase a toilet paper stand. This is literally a metal or wooden pole on a stand that individual toilet paper rolls can be piled up on, one after the other, making a toilet paper tower. Not only will the space be freed up, but toilet paper will be easy to access when a roll runs out.

Shelves Up Above

Simply install shelves about a foot beneath the ceiling around the top of the bathroom, which will allow you to store various items and free up cabinet and beneath the sink space. This is an ideal way to store a hair dryer or hair curler, a first aide kit or an other items you may need to access every so often but not on a daily basis. As long as these shelves don’t get in the way of any doors opening or light fixtures, they will add a tremendous amount of storage space to a small bathroom.

Only Buy What You Need

Don’t buy in bulk when it comes to bathroom supplies if you happen to have a small bathroom, just what you need. All these bulk items are what usually leads to your limited storage space in the bathroom being taken up in the first place. This may be a tough habit to get into at first, but it will make your bathroom layout better in the long run.


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