6 Ways to Free Up Bathroom Space

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By Sarah Karney


The bathroom is where most of the items you regularly use are kept, yet most apartments lack the space to store even half of your daily necessities. By optimizing wall space and organizing the cabinet and counter space you do have, you can have a clean, clutter-free place to get ready for your day. Here are six easy ways to reorganize your bathroom.

1. Don’t Forget About Space Above Your Toilet

The space above your toilet is often the most overlooked potential storage spot in your bathroom. The wall space here is vital – use it! If you have an abundance of space here, look into a cabinet unit with doors to install. If you are short on time and cash, you can opt for a cheaper unit by installing individual shelves. This will provide the perfect place to store toilet paper, extra towels or assorted toiletries.

TRY THIS: Ameriwood Bathroom Wall Cabinet from Walmart, $49

2. A-Tisket, A-Tasket, A Towel Basket

The towel racks on your shower only holds two and it can look sloppy, so what to do with all of those extra clean towels, especially when guests stop by? For a homey look, pick out three baskets in various sizes and hang vertically with the largest on bottom and smallest on top. Store wash cloths in the smallest basket, hand towels in the medium basket and bath sheets in the largest basket.

TRY THIS: 3-pc. Basket Set with White Liners from Target, $28

3. Follow the Rules of Attraction

Make up and hair products are the usual suspects when it comes to cluttering bathroom counter space. Round up those sneaky bobby pins and store in the easiest possible way by using the rules of attraction. Buy a magnet strip with an adhesive back, very cheap at Walmart or a craft store. You can also use this method for make-up. Cut the magnet strip into smaller pieces and attach each piece to the back of your powder, mascara and eye shadow compacts. Then buy a small magnetic board (a dry-erase board or small baking sheet would work) to hang on the wall. Now you have easy access to your make-up without having to dig through a drawer or compromise counter space.

TRY THIS: Magnets with Reusable Adhesive from Hobby Lobby, $3

4. Get Hooked

Another idea for storing towels in a chic way is to install wine racks on your bathroom wall. Hang the rack on your wall, then roll up clean towels tightly and place on top of each section. This is also great especially for guest bathrooms, as they can easily find clean towels without searching through your personal space.

TRY THIS: 6 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack from Hayneedle, $54

5. Recycle

If you do have extra counter space and are looking for a cheap way to organize it, use old mason jars for storage. These jars are perfect for holding cotton balls, make-up brushes or cotton swabs. You can leave them as is, or customize the jars by painting them or mod podging them with glitter.

TRY THIS: Ball Mason Jars from Kmart, $11 for a pack of 12 jars

6. Pipes Are For More Than Sinks

Not only are hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons bulky, but a tangled mess of cords is also unsightly. Install pieces of PVC pipe on the inside of a cabinet door, preferably the one underneath the sink, or screw the pipe into your wall. Choose pipe with diameters large enough to fit your styling tools comfortably inside.

TRY THIS: Charlotte Pipe 1” PVC Sch 40 Tee from Lowes, $3 for a pack of 5



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