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Simple Ways to turn your Apartment into a Home Gym

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Staying in shape can be expensive. People will sign up for gym memberships that cost as much as a hundred dollars a month or more, on top of what they pay in rent or bills, making the cost of being a member of a gym—not to mention the time it takes to actually commute to […] read more

Must-Have Items for Apartment Complexes with Pools

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who has access to a swimming pool in their apartment complex, than it’s something you should be using on a regular basis, weather permitting. You’re definitely being charged for the upkeep of the pool in your rent, so you might as well get as much use out of […] read more

Diplomacy with a Noisy Neighbor

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Having neighbors is something that goes with the territory when you live in an apartment and with neighbors can come a whole host of compromises. The most important compromise, however, has to do with making too much noise, as there is just a wall separating one apartment from the next in most cases and that […] read more

5 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

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Bathrooms are traditionally small in most apartments. Sure, there will always be the odd master bath in certain unique apartments, like those that have been converted from old homes or business into apartment space. But for the most part, the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms because very little is really needed in the […] read more


Why a Message Board Is Great with Roommates

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When you have roommates, you will undoubtedly see each other and talk on a regular basis. Even if you don’t, there are a number of ways to connect with your roommate these days, be it through text message, social media, email or even phone calls if they don’t happen to be at the apartment. However, […] read more

Red Flags to Identify before Renting an Apartment

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Before renting an apartment, you will want to check it out first. This doesn’t mean show up once and do a simple walk through of the place and then sign the lease. That’s a cursory viewing of a place at best and can’t really be considered due diligence. By spending more time looking at the […] read more

Apartments and Pets

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Having a pet brings a new type of life and energy to your apartment. Of course, animals are naturally meant to be outside, so when they become your pets, each will have different requirements for their happy, comfortable lives. In other words, some apartments work better for some pets than others. Below are some details […] read more


4 Important Questions to ask Prospective Roommates

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A new roommate is both an exciting and nerve-wracking thing to have—but a necessary one. As you most likely know, having roommates allows people to afford apartments with amenities, sizes or locations they could otherwise never afford since each roommate is paying a share of the rent and bills. The only catch is that you […] read more

Making the Small Room Your Castle

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That new apartment bedroom, especially in an apartment in a big city, can feel tiny right when you move in. But size is relative when it comes to bedrooms and there are numerous adjustments you can make to the way. Keep Only the Essentials You’re going to need the extra space, so by cutting down […] read more