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Several Halloween decorations set up in an apartment

Scary Halloween Decorations for Small Spaces

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Jack o’lanterns are really good for scaring toddlers, but if Halloween ranks right up there with December holidays for you, a hollowed-out gourd with a candle inside probably isn’t going make the grade. After all, you want to strike fear into the hearts of sassy teenagers and adults who are just there to chaperone their […] read more

Christmas Party Ideas for Small Apartments

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When space is limited, the Christmas party ideas you can feasibly execute in your apartment require some thought and creativity. As with anything in life, more isn’t always better. Just because you have a small place doesn’t mean you can’t throw as festive and fun of a Christmas gathering as someone with a spacious apartment. […] read more

5 Common 30th Birthday Party Themes to Consider

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When it comes to 30th birthday party themes, there are few that can’t be executed from the comfort of your own apartment. An apartment can be a great place to throw a party. It’s often underestimated in favor of larger houses, but working with the space confines of an apartment just brings everyone that much […] read more