Throwing a Safari Theme Party in Your Apartment

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A safari theme party can turn an otherwise banal gathering into an interactive social experience that causes plenty of laughter and fun memories. Planning this party won’t cost a fortune, either.

Setting Up the Apartment

Because apartments have limited space, it’s often a challenge to host large gatherings of any kind, let alone an interactive safari theme party. The easiest way to arrange your small space is to first move large furnishing that won’t be used out of the way into bedrooms or the corners of rooms so that you free up more walking room and space for chairs.

Serve food on a table or counter in the kitchen or dining area and then plan to have the guests spend most of their time in your living room around your TV, which you can have playing safari movies or safari animal documentaries. You can also use this space to host safari-themed games, like searching for elusive creatures such as animal crackers that you hid in the apartment beforehand.

The Safari Decorations

Putting together a few simple decorations can set the mood for your guests as soon as they walk through the door. Put out stuffed animals and/or cardboard cutouts of safari animals all around your apartment where they’ll be out of the way, such as on the back of the sofa, on the top of a book shelf, atop the TV, etc.

When choosing streamers, balloons and tablecloths, think of the hot savanna when choosing your theme colors, such as yellow, red and sparse amounts of green. If you can’t all wear costumes for the safari theme party, at least get one safari hat to serve as your central piece of decor in the middle of your food table or in the living room, where you can use it for games.

Use an MP3 player stereo to softly play sounds of the wild, such as lion’s roars and monkey’s laughter. This will set the mood just as much as the physical decorations.

How to Quench the Safari Party’s Throats and Fill Their Stomachs

Food is an essential part of any party and the safari theme party is no exception. Use frosting to decorate cookies and cupcakes with drawings of safari animals and safari equipment. The classic “bugs on a log” (raisins on top of celery or carrots smeared with peanut butter or cream cheese) make a great appetizer. If you’re serving meals rather than appetizers, bake a pizza yourself that has a “stripe” effect like a zebra, with vegetables or meat toppings acting as the dark stripes against the cheese poking through as the light stripes.

For drinks, give them clever names like “swamp mud” and “alligator juice.” Use coloring to turn the punch or alcohol of your choice brown and green.

Remember to take pictures of your guests during your safari theme party so you can put together a scrapbook of the event. You can even speak like an Australian outback explorer off to capture shots of the “elusive” party guest as you take pictures to make it more fun.

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