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Frosty Mocha Punch

Knockout Punch Recipes for Every Holiday Party

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Punch is the perfect party beverage. It frees the host up to mingle since everyone serves themselves, and the punch bowl table provides the perfect place to make new friends. If you’re looking to host a holiday party of your own, you’ll definitely want to put out a winning bowl of punch for your guests […] read more

Bar Cart

Creating the Perfect Bar Cart

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Entertaining in a small space can be tricky, and continuously serving drinks in one can be even more challenging. Investing in a bar cart makes cocktail service easy and efficient, lets guests join in the fun, and adds a chic accent to your decor. read more

Apartment Balcony

Making the Most of Your Balcony

A balcony can provide a little private oasis of outdoor space in an otherwise enclosed apartment home: fresh air, natural light, and maybe even enough room for a little bit of a party. There are many ways we can enjoy our balconies — from barbecues to reading nooks and small gardens. read more

Throwing a Safari Theme Party in Your Apartment

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A safari theme party can turn an otherwise banal gathering into an interactive social experience that causes plenty of laughter and fun memories. Planning this party won’t cost a fortune, either. Setting Up the Apartment Because apartments have limited space, it’s often a challenge to host large gatherings of any kind, let alone an interactive […] read more

Hosting an Engagement Party in Your Apartment

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Hosting an engagement party for yourself, a friend or a family member is a way to celebrate the announcement and introduce friends and family of both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be to each other. Because you may be saving for a wedding or at least a wedding gift, you needn’t spend too much on an […] read more

4 Apartment Noise Rules to Remember When Having a Party

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Apartment noise can be a nuisance, and some states have passed noise laws to protect tenants from loud neighbors. Whether there are laws on the books or not where you live, part of being a good neighbor includes keeping the noise to a minimum. A party is no excuse to be extra loud, or stir bitterness […] read more

3 Keys for Throwing a Good Graduation Party in Your Apartment

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Hosting a grand graduation party in your apartment is a great idea. There are almost limitless ideas for celebrating the definitive moment in one’s academic career. If it’s your own graduation party with fellow graduates, there is little that you can do to destroy the exuberance of the group. Yet, you can heighten with a […] read more