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Millennial Cooking

How Millennials Are Changing Apartment Cooking

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Every generation of apartment dwellers has contributed to the food choices and cooking methods that go on to become reflective of their times. Tuna noodle casseroles, Top Ramen, Hamburger Helper, and the likes kept young adults alive for decades. Hot plates gave way to toaster ovens, which in turn begat microwaves. What never changed were […] read more

Kitchen pots and pans organized along a tension rod,

Kitchen Organization Tools You Need to Start Using

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The kitchen is often the busiest room in the home. It’s not only the place where people prepare their food, but it’s also where they gather as a family, entertain friends, store everyday items like their keys, and even feed their pets. In short, it’s really the central hub of the home, which also means […] read more

Organizing a Small Kitchen

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Kitchen organization is problematic, no matter the size of the space. With an apartment kitchen, more often than not, that space is going to be small. With limited scope, too few cabinets, and a definite lack of counter space, organizing a small kitchen becomes all about finding ways to maximize your minimal space. My current […] read more

The Best Kitchen Appliances for Your Apartment

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Whether you cook much at home or not, there are some appliances all kitchens should have. A refrigerator for instance! A stove and oven may be debatable if you rely heavily on a microwave. Some appliances are fun – that super cool ice cream maker, or the amusing waffle iron. But when it comes to […] read more

Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas

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If there is one room where you really compromise on space when renting versus owning, its your apartment kitchen. Unless you go the luxury route, you’re not likely to have modern—or spacious—kitchen. Being creative and resourceful when it comes to storing items in your small apartment kitchen becomes a necessity. Here are some storage ideas […] read more

Apartment Composting: How to Get Started

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Apartment composting is not an oxymoron. When new gardeners think of composting, the image that comes to mind is a farmer on a large property turning over a smelly pile of manure. It may be hard to fathom that you can achieve similar results in your apartment kitchen, but it can and should be done. […] read more