4 Decorating Ideas for an Efficiency Apartment

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Decorating an efficiency apartment can be a challenge since you have limited space to work with. Since efficiency apartments don’t have divided rooms, you have to be creative and strategic in making the most of the space. Often times this requires looking first to space logistics and then to decorating ideas. Here are some ideas and tips for decorating your efficiency.

1. Use Dual-Purpose Furniture and Decor

While you’re putting together a decorating and design plan, look for ways that you can incorporate more storage space. Often times you can find furniture or decorating items that can also serve as space to place some of your belongings. You can find ottomans, for instance, that are hollowed out. These make great places to store clothes, books or other belongings. As a bonus, they also serve as extra seating space for when you have people over. You can use a trunk as a coffee table or a side table and also store items inside of it. Hanging small decorative shelves on the wall not only adds visual interest but also gives you a place to set picture frames and other display items. And, of course, you can easily place baskets or canvas cube bins on your book shelves to give a cohesive look to your apartment while still storing your belongings.

2. Divide It Up

Many efficiency apartments don’t have a separate kitchen—everything is in the same room. If you want to divide the space up, find a folding screen to place in between the living space and the kitchen. You can also divide the room with a modular shelf like the Ikea Expedit. Want to be more creative? Hang some plant hooks in a row across your ceiling right along the edge of the kitchen space. Hang some curtains or make a big drape to use to block off the kitchen when it’s not in use.

3. Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are important to hang in small spaces. They help smaller apartments look and feel larger. Furthermore, as wall decor they aren’t overbearing. You have to be careful not to crowd the walls in small apartments—overdo it and the place will feel claustrophobic. A sizable mirror hung above a sofa or shelf will be enough to give the illusion of more space.

4. Keep It Light and Low

Dark furniture and walls make a room look small. Opt for lighter colors when decorating your efficiency. If you like dark colors better, use them for accent pieces (pillows, lamps, accessories) and not for artwork or furniture. For furniture, stick to slender pieces that sit lower to the floor rather than bulky furniture with a high rise. A platform bed, for instance, will give you more room than a bed with a large headboard and a big box spring.

When it comes to efficiency apartments, less is more. Only bring things into the apartment that you really like. Remove excess for the most comfortable living environment.

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