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Small Space Decorating: Minimalist Design Ideas

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When it comes to small space decorating, using minimalist design ideas is most conducive. Small spaces tend to look even smaller when the decorating is “busy” or when you don’t pare down your belongings beforehand. Keeping it simple, stream lined and clean is the best way to land a winning aesthetic in your small apartment. […] read more

Small Space Decorating: Modernist Design Ideas

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Small space decorating is greatly enhanced by modernist design ideas. This type of decorating scheme lends to an environment that is contemporary yet relaxing. So, how do you effect this look? The following information can guide you so you can enjoy this decor for your own small living space. Avoid Patterns To create a modernist […] read more

Decorating Small Bedrooms for a Large Look

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Decorating small bedrooms can be a challenge, especially when you desire a larger look and feel in the space. Fortunately, there are design tips you can incorporate to make your bedroom appear more spacious. Start with the Bed Chances are the size of your bed will be the biggest thing to take into consideration as […] read more