Christmas Party Ideas for Small Apartments

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When space is limited, the Christmas party ideas you can feasibly execute in your apartment require some thought and creativity. As with anything in life, more isn’t always better. Just because you have a small place doesn’t mean you can’t throw as festive and fun of a Christmas gathering as someone with a spacious apartment. Here are some Christmas party ideas to make your small apartment holiday gathering successful.

Decorate Vertically

As festive as a full size Christmas tree is, it has no place in a small apartment. When you’re decorating your apartment for your Christmas party, keep the decorations slim—literally. You can find fun and whimsical skinny Christmas trees to display in the corner of your apartment. Not keen on something so nontraditional? Consider a table top mini Christmas tree. Look for decorations that don’t take up much space. Traditional Christmas window lights are always good, as are a few strands of garland and some mistletoe. While cute, those stuffed snowmen and Santa figurines take up a lot of space and can lead to a cluttered look. Stick to things that you can hang from the walls or windows.

Request Your Guest’s Holiday Music Favorites

No Christmas party is complete without holiday music. Before the party actually takes place, be sure to have each guest tell you a few of his or her favorite Christmas songs. Create a play list using those songs (and some of your own). For a fun and simple activity, make a list on a sheet of paper with the play list on one side and the guests on the other. Have your guests see if they can match each person up with his or her favorite holiday tune.

Keep the Menu Simple

If you have a small apartment without much counter or table space, the number of areas where you can place food and drinks is limited. As a result, you should keep the menu simple. Stick to one or two beverages and a few small finger foods. Champagne is a festive drink for the occasion. As far as food goes, cookies and cheese and crackers are staples at virtually any Christmas party. While it’s up to you what to serve, dips and foods that need to be assembled are best avoided in small quarters. These kinds of foods lead to congregating in one area, which can be uncomfortable if there’s not the space to spread out buffet style.

Do a White Elephant Gift Exchange

Having guests each bring a funny pre-owned gift to exchange always makes for a good time. These kinds of gift exchanges tend to be more fun than exchanges with new gifts because there isn’t any expectation or disappointment. You aren’t requiring your guests to spend any money, and everyone gets a good laugh at the ridiculous items brought in for the exchange.

To keep the party interesting, try to think of fun and interactive games or activities to do instead of simply standing around and chatting or watching a holiday movie. The more creative you are, the bigger of a hit your small apartment Christmas party will be.

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