3 Ingredients for a Mardi Gras Party in Your Apartment

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When it comes to holding a fun Mardi Gras party in your apartment, there are several things that you need to consider. You want to turn your apartment into a haven for celebrating life’s indulgences in New Orleans style.

1. Turn Your Apartment into a Mardi Gras Haven

Put couches and other bulk furniture against the wall; this will make your apartment seem bigger. Clear walls for your decorations if possible. Bring in foldable chairs that are either green or purple; the colors of Mardi Gras are green, gold and purple. You want to accentuate these colors and the party spirit whenever possible.

Mardi Gras translates from French to English as “Fat Tuesday,” and it started as a Catholic holiday to indulge before fasting. It’s now accepted by all faiths and is known as a  time of parties, parades and over-the-top indulgences. Keep this in mind while clearing out the apartment space for the party to make room for the fun.

2. Decorations that Make the Party

Look for the basics at any party store. Although Mardi Gras originated in Mobile, Alabama, and is celebrated on a large scale in New Orleans, Louisiana, there is room in any city for the celebration, and it’s celebrated on a global scale now. You’ll be able to at least find decorations in gold, green and purple at Target and other marts. The most coveted Mardi Gras decor is a great mask. Try to get one for each guest to wear and enjoy for the party. You also need to have an abundance of plastic beaded necklaces in festive colors, much like the ones that are thrown from the party floats every year.

3. Set-Up for Mardi Gras in Your Apartment

Set up your apartment, so that your guests will be served with all of the traditional fare of Mardi Gras. Have a bar set up where you can serve drinks, such as granny apple martinis that have the traditional green color, and you also want to go with lemon drops, which can be said to be “gold.” Make sure there are plenty of options for guests who simply want water or soda or something light instead.

Set up your living room like a circular Mardi Gras parade. You need to have a “float” area of the room that has a stash of Moon Pies, so that each guest can go by the different “floats” in the room to get what they want. For instance, set up a nightstand as a “float” for necklaces. Then, set up an old jewelry holder to display many necklaces, then each guest going by can pick one from that float. You want to have one area for gold, purple and green lollipops and one where guests can select or create their own mask. Have a float where everyone takes a gift bag home from the party as well. Use your imagination to liven up and even add to an already wonderful traditional holiday. There’s no place quite like an apartment to be conducive to a truly unique Mardi Gras experience.

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