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A baby putting his hand on a babyproof rail guard

The Beginner’s Guide to Babyproofing

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Your tiny infant has grown into a squirming, crawling, little person before your very eyes. The only downside to them growing up (other than the fact that they’re not that squishy little newborn they once were) is that they are now able to get into everything. Once your baby starts to crawl, and eventually, walk, […] read more

Baby Safety Equipment: 5 Must Haves for Your Apartment

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Furnishing your apartment with baby safety equipment is a must for parents of infants. Over-preparing for situations you hope will never occur is better than not taking precautions. The following equipment can help make your apartment safer for your child: 1. Baby Monitors Constant supervision can help keep your baby safe, but it’s not always […] read more

Pets and Your Baby: Is an Apartment Big Enough for Both?

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When it comes time to consider whether you are ready to have a baby, you may also consider whether your apartment and living spaces are ready as well. One consideration many parents-to-be have is how a pet will deal with a baby and how to protect their baby’s safety. Dogs, Cats and Babies How your […] read more

Apartment Baby Allergies: 4 Common Reactions

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Baby allergies can sometimes be hard to diagnose as they can be mistaken for colic or a cold. Usually, the culprits responsible for a baby’s discomfort include foods (especially milk products), allergic reactions to pet hair, dander or dust and intolerance to such environmental causes, such as soap, solvents and smoke. #1 – Rashes – […] read more

Baby Safety Proofing Your Apartment: 7 Things to Remember

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Baby safety proofing is a common oversight, especially for new parents. Most assume that, within about the first eight months, baby safety does not have to be a priority due to the fact that the infant is not mobile. However, there are some things to consider before mobility brings your apartment safety to new levels of upkeep, […] read more

Babies and Apartments with Baseboard Heaters: 5 Tips for Safety

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Having baseboard heaters in your apartment should be a concern when you’re expecting a baby. Your child can touch it when it’s hot or stick their hands in them and get burned. Your options are to make the heaters safer, or not use them at all. Tip #1: Cover Them with Baseboard Heater Covers A […] read more