Babies and One Bedroom Apartments: When Is It Time to Upgrade?

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Searching for one bedroom apartments when you’re expecting a baby is not a bad idea. If you’re already in one, then there are ways to make the room comfortable for you and your baby and you may not have to upgrade to a two-bed apartment for a few years. A baby doesn’t require much space in the bedroom. The space issues often involve storing clothes, diapers and toys which can be stored elsewhere in the apartment.

Crib Placement

You’ve probably seen the pictures in the parenting magazines of the separate nursery that contains the crib, rocking chairs and ample floor space. While that may be wonderful in a spacious house, it’s not necessary to you or your baby to be happy. You can place a crib along the wall in your bedroom, next to your bed or opposite it. Where you place the crib depends on whether you’re breastfeeding and the convenience you want when you wake up several times during the night to feed or change diapers. You may decide not to use a crib at all or at first. For example, bassinets may be the perfect match for one bedroom apartments because they are smaller and take up less space.

Space Solutions

The main challenge with babies and one bedroom apartments is the lack of space to fit the additional clothes, shoes and other baby items that you need to keep on hand. The best way to create more space is to eliminate as much of your own clutter as possible, and then to use storage solutions. To begin with, you should sell and give away items that you don’t need to create more space in your closet, drawers and cabinets. You can then add some of the baby items in any space you create, and buy stackable storage bins to hold the rest. You can also buy storage bins to fit underneath your bed for everyday supplies, such as diapers and bibs.

When It’s Time to Upgrade

There may be reasons why you need to upgrade to a two bedroom apartment that have nothing to do with space challenges. Some reasons may include:

*Your spouse snores and wakes up the baby
*You want to train your baby to sleep and your presence in the room makes it impossible
*Your apartment office is in your bedroom, and working on the computer interrupts your baby’s naps and sleep time
*You don’t have enough room to move around the bedroom with the crib set up, which is a safety issue
*The bedroom wall is shared with a noisy tenant

Try to resolve these challenges in your apartment first, before paying more for a two bedroom apartment. If you cannot resolve these problems then it may be time to upgrade.

Your landlord is not obligated to terminate the lease early because you have a baby. If you feel that you need a larger apartment, try to speak with your landlord as soon as possible. He may let you out of the lease early. Some landlords who own one bedroom apartments also own other apartments, and he may rent a two bedroom apartment to you.

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