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small baby in towel after a bath

Small Space Baby: Incorporating a New Child into a Small Apartment

We recently brought home our first child—a beautiful baby girl. They let us out of the hospital, and I suddenly realized that I had no idea what I was getting into. read more

A baby putting his hand on a babyproof rail guard

The Beginner’s Guide to Babyproofing

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Your tiny infant has grown into a squirming, crawling, little person before your very eyes. The only downside to them growing up (other than the fact that they’re not that squishy little newborn they once were) is that they are now able to get into everything. Once your baby starts to crawl, and eventually, walk, […] read more

Pets and Your Baby: Is an Apartment Big Enough for Both?

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When it comes time to consider whether you are ready to have a baby, you may also consider whether your apartment and living spaces are ready as well. One consideration many parents-to-be have is how a pet will deal with a baby and how to protect their baby’s safety. Dogs, Cats and Babies How your […] read more

Apartment Decorating: Making Way for a Baby

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Apartment decorating for a new baby is exciting, but can be overwhelming for new parents. With the great tips and ideas provided in this article, decorating the nursery and child proofing will be a cinch. Arrange Furniture for Ease of Movement Before you start decorating the baby’s room, make sure that you have purchased all […] read more