Pros and Cons of a Loft-Style Apartment

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Living in a loft style apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. This nontraditional style gives you a more contemporary aesthetic and is great if you’re looking for an apartment unit that is anything but standard. Here are some of the pros and cons of loft-style apartments.

1. Pro: The Apartment Feels More Open

One of the greatest advantages of living in a loft-style apartment is the fact that the ceilings are high to accommodate for the loft area. High ceilings make the space feel open and spacious—something you won’t necessarily find in a traditional apartment layout. Oftentimes loft-style apartments also have numerous windows. If you don’t like feeling closed in, a loft-style apartment gives you the light and airy surroundings you desire.

2. Con: These Apartments Aren’t Ideal for Roommates

Privacy in loft-style apartments is limited, especially if you choose to use the loft area as a bedroom. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re living alone or with a significant other, but doesn’t make for the best living situation when roommates or children are involved.

3. Pro: The Apartment Has a Unique Feel

If you’ve ever been in a loft-style apartment, you know that they have a neat feel about them. If you’re looking for a trendier apartment, a loft-style apartment fits the bill. Since many loft style apartments are found in renovated warehouses and older buildings, you can often find them with details like exposed brick walls and industrial style accents. Even if the loft-style unit is in a standard apartment complex, there’s still something fun and different about a loft. Visitors are likely to compliment you on your pad. These kinds of units are great if you want chicer surroundings—and a place that stands out to your friends and family.

4. Con: Utilities Can Be Expensive

High ceilings give air ample room to rise, making for an expensive utility bill in the hot and cold months. You’ll need to set back extra money for your heating bill in the winter and cooling bill in the summer.

5. Pro: More Wall Space Is Available

The high ceilings in these kinds of units give you extra wall space to work with when decorating. If you have a lot of artwork you want to showcase, a loft apartment gives you the space to do so.

6. Con: Smells and Sounds Linger

The advantage of living in an open space also brings the disadvantage of confining noise and odors to a specific room. For instance, if you burn something in the kitchen, the burnt smell will rise into the loft area. If you have a dog, you can’t close your bedroom door to escape the barking—or the pet smell that commonly occurs in pet inhabited apartments. Noises and smells stay out in the open and are unavoidable in the main areas of the unit.

When it comes down to it, the decision to live in a loft-style apartment all depends on preference. If your ideal space is open and trendy and privacy isn’t an issue, living in a loft-style apartment will suit you.


Rachael Weiner: I’m a communications professional for a non-profit, which financially necessitates my status as an apartment dweller. Constantly “on-the-go,” I’ve resided in five different apartments across the United States over the past five years. Roommate issues, budgeting, organizing and handling problem neighbors are my specialty.

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  1. October 27, 2016 at 6:35 am, Shad Morris said:

    A friend of mine is moving into a bigger city, and was thinking about renting a loft for her first apartment. I had no idea that the ceilings are actually higher to make the space feel more open. Since she likes to feel relaxed, it would be nice for her to have something that feels open and spacious.


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