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Young man sinks his head into his arms inside his apartment, extremely displease with his living situation

10 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Apartment

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From the time you’re born, life is constantly in flux. You grow, develop, and experience changes both good and bad. One of the best and most reliable parts of the journey is going through varied relationships, environments, jobs, and living spaces. read more

A small, modern pied-à-terre apartment.

Pied-à-Terre: The Second Home That Could Save You Time and Money

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When people complain about work, it’s often not about the job itself but the toll it takes on their lives in the form of local commuting, out-of-town business trips, stressful packing and unpacking, and time away from family and friends. Whether you’re just starting to make your mark in your profession or finally on the […] read more

Pet Stain

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors Left Behind by Previous Tenants

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Found the perfect apartment but undecided because of pet odors left behind by previous tenants? Fortunately for you (and the landlord), there are plenty of ways to get rid of pet odors so you don’t have to continue searching for your dream home. read more

Cooking in a Sublet

How to Make a Sublet Feel Like Home

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Whether you just moved to a new city and you’re trying to get a better feel for it or you’re just in town for a few months and don’t need a longer lease, a sublet is a great option for those who are in between living arrangements. read more


Moving Into a New Home: Unpacking Strategies

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The movers are gone, and now all you’re left with is a bunch of boxes in complete disarray. Moving can be stressful, but unpacking is the best part. You not only get to become more acquainted with your new home, but you also get a chance to reorganize your things and create a better living space […] read more

Moving to a New City

Making a New City Feel Like Home

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Moving to a new city can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re transferring jobs, starting school, or simply wanting a change of pace from your old city, it’s easy to feel a little out of place in a new area. read more

Apartment Hunting: 5 Top Amenities for Single Parents

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Apartment hunting as a single parent means that you’ll have needs and concerns that are unique to you and your family. Some other apartments may be better suited to people living on their own, two adults living together or families that are larger than yours, so when looking for your ideal apartment as a single […] read more

Apartment Hunting: 5 Top Amenities for Small Families

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Apartment hunting for small families shouldn’t be the same as when couples without children or bachelors search for an apartment because small families will have different priorities. Searching for an apartment with any of these amenities can make life for the small family in an apartment much easier: 1. Extra Security and Safety Parents are […] read more

3 Common Superstitions for Moving and New Homes

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Superstitions can be a fun way to celebrate a new event in your life such as moving. Or you could take them seriously and want to bring good luck into your new life. When moving into a new place—even if it’s just an apartment—think of any of these common traditions when it comes to blessing […] read more