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Cozy maximalist apartment space feels fun and alive without feeling too chaotic.

6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Create a Maximalist Apartment

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Maximalism is the design equivalent of “going big or going home,” characterized by loud colors, unique patterns, and a mixture of textures worked into a space through clever layering and repetition. Minimalism will always have its place in contemporary decor, but the bold styles of maximalist design continue to win the hearts of renters everywhere. […] read more

A black leather loveseat sits cozily in a small living area.

The Best Small-Space Furniture Buys For Under $150

Gone are the days of moving into a new apartment and wondering how you’re going to fill it up so voices don’t echo off the walls. Today, you pay more and more for less and less space — but that doesn’t necessarily mean our needs as renters have changed. read more

Luxury Apartment

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

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You’ve probably seen pictures of an elegant celebrity home in a magazine or caught a glance of a posh room in a movie and thought, “I wish I could make my home look like that.” read more

Holiday Decorating (on a Budget)

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The Holiday season can be expensive, but decorating your apartment does not have to break the bank. Don’t get fooled into purchasing costly Christmas decorations when there are so many other options! With the limited space of an apartment, you really want to concentrate on focal pieces and simple embellishments that beautify your space, not […] read more

Budget Decorating: 3 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Love Nest

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When budget decorating, it can be difficult to accomplish your decorating goals when you keep your spending to a minimum. However, with a little ingenuity, you can set a romantic mood in your bedroom even while on a budget. 1 – Focus on Scents While you may not be able to afford a new bed […] read more

Budget Decorating: Turn an Old Door into a Headboard

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With a little creativity and effort, budget decorating is easy and fun. A great way to spruce up your bedroom, reuse old materials and show off your decorating style is to turn an old door into a headboard. Clean the Door The first step before beginning your modifications to the door is to make sure […] read more