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A rack of clothes at a consignment store.

Everything You Need to Know About Consignment Stores

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“Hand-me-down,” “used,” and “second-hand” are all terms that make people uneasy when purchasing home furnishings, but if you’ve ever been to a consignment store before, chances are you came out with a completely different attitude. Often confused with thrift shops, consignment stores provide a unique buying experience that’s impossible to find at most run-of-the-mill discount […] read more

Shopping for Furniture

The Best Places to Score Great Home Decor

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Everyone’s always on the hunt for the perfect home furnishings. Personalizing your space helps it feel more like home — especially if it’s a rental. The more styled your apartment feels, the more comfortable you’ll be in it and the more likely you’ll be to invite people over to enjoy it with you. read more

4 Places to Find Antique Home Decor

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You can enjoy antique home decor in your apartment if you know where to find it. An increasing amount of online stores are specializing in antiques for decorating. However, if you’re an antique lover and want the pleasure of looking at the decor in person, then you should consider local places to find antique home […] read more