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Dream Apartment

Finding Your Dream Apartment

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Securing a great apartment in a tight rental market is not an easy task to accomplish, but it’s far from impossible. read more

Shopping for Furniture

The Best Places to Score Great Home Decor

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Everyone’s always on the hunt for the perfect home furnishings. Personalizing your space helps it feel more like home — especially if it’s a rental. The more styled your apartment feels, the more comfortable you’ll be in it and the more likely you’ll be to invite people over to enjoy it with you. read more

How to Hunt for Flea Market Finds for Your Apartment

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Furnishing an apartment can be more expensive than you think, unless you turn to flea market finds for the majority of your purchases. You can find many items in excellent or refurbishable condition if you know how to hunt for the best deals. Step 1: Scour the Classifieds Pay attention to the classifieds section of your […] read more